The Scoop

This building has fueled the Sandpoint community since 1942, we feel pretty “Luckey” to be doing business in this old gas station. For the last 20 year’s it’s been fuel for the soul instead of the car.

Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Sandpoint, we are an extraordinary florist for all occasions and are a great place to get directions, just like when it was a gas station.
Our southern exposure and central location make us a fun stop for house plants, explore the horticultural novelties at a novel ol’ place. Warranties and maintenance contracts available with every purchase.

“Luckey” always stocked the shelves with things for every customer. Simple joys are awesome, from a 10-cent pack of gum back then to a $3 card today. Petal Talk’s mission is to provide you with great products and great customer service. I don’t see much of a difference between Petal Talk and Luckey’s Service Station – taking care of all the necessities in life and giving you a place to stop and fuel-up. Feel “Luckey” we do.

Nicole – Position: Team Manager

It was on a hope and a prayer I ended up in Sandpoint and became a florist. It’s the people I meet daily and being part of so many of life’s occasions. Add to that flowers and you have a great job. So, I’m glad I chose the downtown streets of Sandpoint to realize my dream. It is impossible to wrap up 17 years of being a florist and business owner in this short biography. But I can tell you it is the incredible staff, the hearts of customers and the beautiful blooms that continually inspire me. The flowers are one thing, well many amazing things….I truly appreciate and am astounded by all the options in nature. Stop and smell the flowers, I did.

Jaye –Position: Umpire

Jaye is that rarest of flowers; an actual native of North Idaho. More than 10 years ago, mistaken in her belief that florists lived a glamorous, fun-loving, artistic existence Jaye threw caution and good sense to the wind and plotted to infiltrate the Petal Talk team. Jaye had retired from the corporate rat race, trading her C-suite wardrobe for garden gloves, sun screen, and a big floppy hat. After overfilling two LARGE gardens at her Hope Peninsula retreat and in desperate need of social contact Jaye stalked Nicole until she caved. Since then her flower sense, and list of aliases (J-Dog, Puckinator, Ribbon Nazi, and The Sweeper) have blossomed. Finally, able to play with flowers for money Jaye is in her happy place designing, harassing her coworkers, and saving ribbon from the waste bin. Oh, and she loves zinnias.

Karen – Position: Catcher

Since first laying eyes on Eliza Doolittle selling posies in the musical, “My Fair Lady,” I have been in love with flowers. When the question was put to me in the mid 80’s regarding what I would do if I won the lottery, my immediate reply was to open a flower shop. With that awareness, I contacted a certified floral design school, completed the course and began my floral adventures. For over 30 years, my heart and hands have been wrapped up in the floral industry. Everything from a roadside stand in Bellevue, Washington, to envisioning an innovative flower shop in Sandpoint, Idaho that became Petal Talk. Upon its sale to its current owner, I retired from flowers for several years, until the call of the floral world beckoned to me once again. This is where I belong, for I know that being a floral designer is not a job, it is a passion.

Kellie aka Peacock– Position: Short Stop

When I was a student at Sandpoint High School I took advantage of a work program for my credits. I could work at Petal Talk twice a week for a couple of hours during the school day. When I graduated, I was excited that I could continue to work at the flower shop. Eight years later, I am still here and honestly think these crazy girls would fall apart if I wasn’t. I enjoy my job and my favorite part is the “team-work.”

Kim - Position: Pitcher

Science is the path that brought me to the floral design world. When I was 15, I took a horticulture class at a vocational school and then job shadowed at a local florist. I haven’t looked back! I found Petal Talk and brought my years of experience here. From fast paced volume and event work to creating custom arrangements, I gain insight and inspiration from nature. Whether it is designing, cultivating or wildcrafting I love the world of flowers. I’m also chief delivery driver. Need directions to some perilous backcountry locales? I’ve most likely been there and can most likely get you there too.

Terri – Position: Centerfield

Talented gift buyer, sales lady extraordinaire and immersed in the arts. I came to Petal Talk five years ago and presented Nicole with a plan to implement a fun and exciting opportunity to develop more gift business. My passion and the floral platform I work around are the perfect harmony to sell clever products and enable me to create displays to be inspired by. I am the gal that when you give me the “occasion” or “idea” my mind goes to work. I have your best interest at heart. Truly!